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The creative spirit is in each of us. Often, art is a visual way to express thoughts and emotions that cannot be captured any other way. The artwork I create is a reflection of the healing process in my life and heart. My hope is that it touches you on your journey as well.

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“Where Beauty Meets My Mess,” is a collection of mixed-media collage art and poetry. The poems unfold with each piece of art, inviting the reader deeper into the composition of each piece.  It is a welcoming call for quiet reflection and meditation. The hope is for your own journey to be enriched and strengthened through the art and poetry shared. It is an invitation to contemplate God’s hand in your own seasons of life.

Where Beauty Meets My Mess

“Do I believe in God?  Yes!  When I am at work I feel like I am assisted by someone who leads me to do things that are greater than myself, greater than what I have done before.”   -Henri Matisse