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What is coaching?

It sounds lofty, but we all have ideas and aspirations and sometimes just don’t know how to get there. Coaching provides a breakthrough path to help you get there. It’s a process of unlocking a person’s internal desires in a way that makes them become a possibility.

How does this happen?

It begins with intentional conversations between you and your coach. These conversations help you unwrap the barriers that keep you from living as you were designed to live. Clarity unfolds in this process and as this happens, it enables you to pursue your dreams and goals with confidence and courage.

Is coaching right for you?

You have a sense that there’s more to your life.

Life changes, confusing emotions, feeling unsettled or stuck in your life are signals that something might be going on. You may have a strong sense that there is more to you and more to life. 

Or, maybe, you’ve even experienced unexpected conflict in your life. Those emotions are real and may indicate you’re in a life transition. One thing is certain.  Suddenly life has changed.

Coaching is personal.

Coaching is personal and focused, designed to help you gain clarity as you navigate where ever you are in life.  Through an intentional one-on-one relationship, you will gain understanding about what you’re wrestling with and gain focus to go after what you desire for your life.  You’ll move forward with purpose.  

Join me to take the next steps in your journey with confidence.

Workshops and Classes

Personal Mission Statement

What is a personal mission statement?  It is a powerful tool that helps you make decisions in your life. Your vision statement fosters a foundation for an internal, personal filter that provides clarity & validation of your strengths so they are used with intention.  

Inspired Journey Vision Board

Dreams and desires can come true. This workshop helps you identify those dreams and enables you to capture them in a creative, visual format. You will be led to examine your heart and all that’s been quietly resting there then you’ll creat your personal vision board.

Unwrapped Grace Workshop

If you’re finally ready to let go of things that keep you stuck, this workshop is for you.  In this class, you will create an art piece that will symbolically introduce grace to difficult places in your life.  The “unwrapping” reveals the truth of how beautifully you have been created!

Heart Whispers Journal Page

There are little whispers that rest in our hearts. Whispers that attract us to beauty and joy. The goal of this workshop is to lead you to create a beautiful journal page that brings those whispers to life.. There is no “right” or “wrong” in this class. Your journal page will be an inspiration to continue on the path to joy and inspiration.

Clarity Coaching

We all go through various changes and transitions in life, and it can be mystifying . The coaching process opens a path of discovery to the next “thing” in your life. Coaching brings clarity to your dreams and desires so that you will feel confident to pursue those dreams. They’re there for a reason!

The Power of a Flower Class

What is it about flowers that makes us feel happy and calm?  Nature is amazing, isn’t it?  Join me in this workshop where I share tips and tricks to bring the beauty and calm of flowers to life.  You’ll learn how to design your own, elegant arrangement and gain confidence to help you continue the process on your own. 

All workshops can be customized as needed. 

Each can be incorporated into your personal coaching path.

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