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I felt guilty. There was unrest in my heart and I felt conflicted about so many things…

My life was in transition mode, but I didn’t know it. I was experiencing restlessness and angst about where I was in my life and it made me uncomfortable. I felt guilty. I should be content with my life.  

I didn’t understand that those feelings were “normal” when you are at a place in your life where a change is approaching. And so, I did what I knew.  I prayed and asked God for direction and clarity. The process of understanding those nudges and feelings of discomfort takes time. If we don’t process them with an open heart, we can be misdirected. 

Misdirection can appear in many ways. We chase after the wrong things and we end up in a stagnant place of frustration.  

In 2010, my journey to become “un-stuck” began. This is when I simply surrendered where I was in my life and pursued what was in my heart. My calling to create art and to teach others how to pursue their dreams began to take shape. As I began to surrender, opportunities appeared for me to grow in my gifts. There’s no secret formula for this to happen.  It simply requires an honest look at who you are.

I believe there is a way to reach those dreams that are inside of us. It takes some self-reflection, faith, trust, and courage. It also takes healthy relationships. People who know you and are for you.  When we do some honest soul searching, clarity becomes evident.  An important ingredient in this journey is the gift of time. It’s a journey that doesn’t happen overnight and we make progress as we continually embrace the gift of grace.

I've had the pleasure of working with groups from these organizations

Advocate Sherman Hospital

AMITA Health St. Joseph Hospital

ARTIS Senior Living

Greenfields of Geneva

Hanover Township of Bartlett

Hoffman Estates Park District

Saint Charles Park District

Bartlett Park District


Saint Thomas More Church

Schaumburg Park District

Senior Services Associates

Sun City Huntley by Del Webb

Trinity Vineyard Church

Wayne Township Senior Center

Wheaton Willow Dupage

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Carol Stream



Loved the Journey Board Experience! The pace was lively and relaxed. Enjoyed the balance of time- plenty of time for personal reflecting, interspersed with group interaction and sharing. I was surprised at how freely my thoughts, feelings and desires came to the surface in this time devoted to getting in touch with my inner life and stepping back to notice the inspiration of God all over it! this has been a life-giving project! - Ann R.
I absolutely loved my Journeyboard workshop. It inspired me to realize that I absolutely could achieve my goals. The hardest part for me was identifying them and realizing that they did not have to be “changing the world” goals, but “changing ME” goals. It was hard for me not to expect a “Perfect” board and not to compare it to others, but my board was mine and each dream journey on my board was attained due to identifying it in the Lord instead of going along on my own…during the process, praying and knowing that I was not alone in it was THE magic. - Barb C.
There were so many good things that I took away from the Journey Board workshop. The main one being my personal journey board. My AHA moment was thinking that if we are all a part of Christ’s body, then my desire is to be His heart, full of love and compassion for others…and one way of doing that is sharing the gift and joy of music. This came after reading Re’s handout entitled “Mindful Preparation”. - Celeste L.

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